martes, marzo 29, 2011

CromoKIDS, cartoons for children

We are currently testing some online content delivery for our company. Since we own quite a lot of Animation we are considering the possibility of distribution via streaming.
If you want to check it out just try this URL:
It currently detects 3 different kinds of browsers and sets the interface according to this and the browser language. So, if you connect from a PC you'll get this Flash based interface (have to change this to html5 sometime):

If you do it from an iPhone/iPad, you'll get this html frontend:

And finally, if you connect from the PS3 browser, you'll be presented with this one:

Additionally, I have made a very simple plug-in for the Plex Media Server from which to access the very same content so, if you happen to have a Plex installation at home you can download it from their online server and watch it. I would like to try also an GoogleTV or Yahoo widget implementation, since they start shipping with a lot of TV sets and might get big in the near future.


miércoles, marzo 23, 2011

Farm's Day for iPad

The Baby Triplets, A DAY AT THE FARM
iTunes App for little children

In “A day at the farm”, the Baby Triplets go on a trip to a farm and learn how to milk a cow, collect the eggs from the hens, feed the pigs... and they also see a foal being born! What an exciting day!

With this interactive book the youngest members of the household can take part in farm activities and discover the sounds of the animals. They’ll touch the animals, feed the animals and play with them while they have fun and learn.

They can also record their own voices and become the narrator of the book, even changing the language, to make it easier to learn other languages. (To listen to your own recording you must change it once the story has started)

It includes two games of agility and comprehension related to the story told.

Experience a day on the farm and have a great time with Anna, Teresa and Helena!

• 3 languages (English, Spanish, Catalan)
• 7 pages
• Audiobook
• Voice recording
• 2 interactive games
• Link to on-line video content for children

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The Triplets